"Before Chattodo, you had a mere will to do something out of the ordinary. Now you will have a rock solid idea to do".



among citizens, towards

Accountability | Entrepreneurship | Freedom

through our virtuous mobile app

We want to give greater freedom to humans in order to make a few among them, a new breed of conscientious humans. We believe that the right time has come to fulfill our goal and this is also the right time for political will to join that same entrepreneurial goal. For, we are first building this app to launch our founder, Nishchal's own political movement. His party may become the first political party in the world to have its 'own' communication app. RSS can continue on whatsapp while Nishchal's party will build its members force on Chattodo.

🇮🇳 Watch the above video and read its description on Youtube to get the taste of who we are and how far we are willing to go.The detailed perspective Nishchal has on every matter contained in this video (and more) can be seen and heard on our YouTube channel, Preseed Admin.

Over 10 years of Facebook, Twitter, and social web in general, have brought to us, a lot of talks. Great talks. These have been incredible social networks of talks. Now it’s time for , A SOCIAL NETWORK OF ACTION.

A social network to produce conscientious leaders.

“I journeyed into Preseed to empower those with a will to do something out of the ordinary - by often encouraging them to drop out of their colleges or jobs to pursue their lofty ideas, if I felt I could raise their intensity to face what may be coming. Why? Long ago, I asked myself the question about what is the one thing I must do with my capabilities - the answer I got was - I must do everything I can, to give our world, better leaders. As I progressed I was able to marry in vision, my previous failed social networking startup of 2009 to become now, a more conscious social network vision, to produce the goal of producing better leaders”.

- Nishchal, in 2014

6 years forward, and we understand how unfathomably complex this problem is and how many facets it has from education, politics, judicial system to religion and spirituality, if it is to be attempted truly conscientiously.

"The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely
a matter of mathematical or experimental skills".
- Albert Einstein

One such problem, our founder, Nishchal, has given up everything else for, is, lack of actual freedom for billions of people. The solution is, his idea of the future of freedom for billions of people to pursue their loftiest, unchained visions, through the power of his tech product, Chattodo-a social network of work deliverables, or, A SOCIAL NETWORK OF ACTION.

Important, if you are looking to work with us -
If you are a rare inspired hacker, hustler, and a designer, all in one who could further our mobile app Chattodo in exchange for a substantial stock option with us, dig our website and it's surrounding links very well once, and no more. Know, that only Step 1 and Step 2 below are all you need to know extremely well. This website is for the most curious readers among you.

Step 0 - Todoed: Turn any selected text, into a delegated todo, with just one right click. (ACHIEVED)

Most of the internet age working world works on google chrome browser. We set out to build the finest tool for increasing productivity of a google chrome browser user. That is x million people. A 20th of that may be made more productive because of this extension. That is just a start. Our next step is has been about being the simplest and the most seamless todo listing app for all internet devices. We hope, if you are reading this, this changes your life. We are building todoed because we are determined to make our life more productive. www.todoed.co.

Slack, the multi billion dollars worth product appreciated our first creation in 2015. Yet we stopped it, for we were upto something else. Something that may eat Slack's own market share.

ICQ messenger, MSN, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. All were fundamentally designed to enable you to chat, not work, chat. As a result we have a world which talks too much but acts very little.

Would you like to turn any message into a delegated todo, with just a touch?

Step 1 - Chattodo: To be the most productive chat app, ever designed. (ACHIEVED)

In the early days of Preseed during remote communication with his team in 2012, Nishchal noticed that actionable/tasks exchanged during FB/Whatsapp chats on mobile had a tendency to fade away and be forgotten. This problem of not having tasks be easily assigned and accountable from chats itself drove him to startup upon the idea of Chattodo. We know how hard it is to manage the work related chats in a growing startup in this noisy world of communication overload. Chattodo is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to serve this exact purpose. This step is made up of 5 years of relentless research which most people won’t dare do. Check its steps in brief here. Read more into R&D steps.



A World that Chats,
to Do tasks
not to just talk tasks.

Evan Spiegel picked out ‘photos’ to create a chat app that leveraged the growing power of online pictorial interactions. He called it Snapchat. I am doing something similar. I have picked out ‘tasks’ to leverage the growing power of online collaborative interactions. I call it Chattodo-‘a social network of action’.

No need for a separate notes or todo app

Out of the marriage of : Chatting tools like whatsapp, with productivity tools like Pocket, Any.do or the reminders, notes apps on IPhone or Google keep clubbed with our AI for education ( NLP based education metrics upon collaboration) in one single seamless app called Chattodo

An intelligent — Productivity app + Note making app + Bookmarking app + Chatting app.

All 4 in one with one unified design.

Notes screen — When I explain this to you, you will see how this is a better take on the user interface and hence the experience of note making, than any other note-making tool.

Productivity Dashboard: Still a better dashboard than many todo listing only tools or productivity apps. The best part: Todos get curated seamlessly from conversations.

A remote team of 10 people uses on average 10 apps daily for research, communication and task management.e.g. Slack, Trello, Evernote, Googel docs, google caledar, emails, Wunderlist, Whasapp etc. According to our observation, each person of that team loses 30 minutes per day in switching from one app to another, and another 30 mins in tracking todos mentioned in chats i.e. 1 hour per day switching from one app to another which represents 10 hours per team per day. That is why we are building Chattodo.

Communication Patterns analytics can grow your startup... (Coming soon)

...especially if you can map, how may chats translate to tasks and how many tasks actually get done.

Visualize how your workforce is communicating and understand the specific patterns and trends that affect operations with internal communication analytics. The Network Map delivers a complete visual of how different groups and teams interact within the organization. This data allows you to identify disconnected workers, map performance against communication habits, and understand the organizational structure based on actual communication patterns.

Group reports show the level of user activity broken down by each type of group (Official, Ad Hoc, and unnamed Ad Hoc groups). This allows you to see which topics are most pressing among field teams and which teams or regions communicate the most or least, which can then be correlated to performance. Tracking the creation of Ad Hoc groups is especially useful in proactively solving front-line issues that haven’t made their way to corporate or management teams.

Correlate communication frequency to employee performance to identify best practices. Oftentimes, the most active communicators are also the highest performers.

    Internal Communication Analytics:
  • Number of messages sent
  • Types of messages sent
  • Most active Chattodo users
  • Number of calls made
  • Types of calls made
  • Disengaged users
  • Group creation
  • Group growth
  • Group engagement
  • Frequency of interaction
  • Intensity of interactions

Analytics and right attention on notification architecture is significant for teams.

Alerting and crisis communication:
Effective Alerting
Powerful alerts can be sent. Alerts are priority messages designed to inform recipients of critical events, emergencies or crisis situations.

Special Sound for Alerts
Alerts are received with a special alarm sound on the device in order to generate enough attention for a critical event or emergency.

Visual Highlighting of Alerts
Alerts are visually highlighted and marked red everywhere in the app. Users always have an overview of all important and on-going alarms.

Emergency Alarm - "Panic Button"
An emergency alarm ("panic button") for instantly triggering an alert in situations where an employee can not type and every second counts.

The organisations must ensure that their teams are responding to messages instantly. That shortens the gap between the organisation working in the same physical campus and that which is distributed. We will also give the feature that let team bosses now the average response time/stats for each team memeber.

We like to take it easy. It is not a grind. Above all, it's a vision for which there is still time.

Step 2 - Design to save the world from an overdose of hyper-connected social network of talks. (ACHIEVED)


"The modern devil is cheap dopamine" - Naval.

Chattodo is designed to save you from information overload induced anxiety too. We are not going to be a cheap dopamine kind of a social networking app.

Step 3 below makes Chattodo a digital platform too, where your community does business activities with you regularly, with a single agenda of putting shape to your own business idea.

Please do read the description of all videos on Youtube.

Explanation of the Chattodo prototype demo video

Note -: This document is an accompaniment to the Chattodo prototype demo video. Placed through it are images of our wireframes to give you a visual perspective of what may or may not be coded/designed yet as the Chattodo prototype seen in the demo video.

I hope you have seen the the demo video part 1 and demo video part 2 of our App mentioned in the slide decks along with the competition demo videos (of Whatsapp and Slack) in their respective slides. If not, please do have a look. This document is to be read for the the description of the Chattodo demo videos to understand its features and novelties compared to other similar apps.

Please watch the demo video along the timelines mentioned below.

Demo Video Part 1

The screencast in the demo video is of two mobile screens. The left screen is of a user called KP and the right screen is of a user called KP2 on their respective mobiles.

  1. Note making screen - Watch till 2:48. Pause. Our demo showcases an absolutely new take on note making within a collaborative chat app. How is the note making experience of our chat app different from other note making apps?

    1. As per the demo video our App opens on the chat screen. In the actual App however, the right swipe brings on the chat screen and a further right swipe brings on the productivity screen. (Even the tabs tray at the bottom can lead to various such screens on the App). In the launch ready App the first screen is always the note making screen, unless some notification on our app is clicked. Why? Because we want to give the user the experience of always opening an unobtrusive white blank screen. The key purpose of our app is established when people write, and what can be better than writing on an off white blank screen, even when writing a message.

      @peter indicates that you can literally trigger a chat message right from the note making screen. That line break shows a new note. This is yet another interface element we have improved over other note making apps.

    2. After KP is done typing, the note can go to the user list to chat as shown at 0:54 minutes or he can just continue on the note making screen and write further notes or to even trigger a message to any collaborator he has on our App.

    3. Suppose the user continues writing notes, you will notice that he returns to the note screen and starts typing a new note. The line that separates the two notes is a new take on how we want our note app interface to differ from others. .

    4. At 1:48 minutes notice the collection screen. We will come back to describe it in point 5 below. For now lets us focus on the demo video. KP again comes back to the note making screen from the collection screen which automatically gets collections in it whenever there is a hashtag added to any text on our app. So, the line that separates two notes does away with the need of having to open a new note screen to type a new note. You can just type your note on this one note making screen, separating one note from the other by a dividing line. Scroll up and down to go from one note to the other. When you move a note to a collection it can be removed from the note making screen. So how long the scroll is depends entirely on you.

    5. Did you notice, how between 2:00 and 2:45 minutes the chat message typed on the note app itself reaches the chat between two people as the demo progresses beyond 2:48, as mentioned in (1b) above? Essentially and uniquely, a lot of communication can be triggered in our App with just a blank note making screen. This is a simple, yet an extraordinary design leap. It makes the act of typing for note making and typing for sending a message to a collaborator happen on the same white blank screen. A white blank screen is a beautiful, functional and unobtrusive screen to type in. Basically, the thought comes to the mind first, then follows the step of who does it need to be sent to. We want to follow this natural flow in our Chat App as well. So one could instantly type it out as a note and put a @name to send it as a message. All of this without opening the user list as the first step common to all chat apps.

    6. Did you notice the mic on the top of the note-making screen? This feature is currently not so well placed in other popular note apps. Once we place it on our note making app, stand alone voice memo apps might become redundant.

  2. Voice feature - Furthermore at 2:49 , notice the mic placed in front of every user name, where the list of users shows up. Refer to your whatsapp user list. Now imagine such a mic there. The use of a mic for communication, over and above making a call is highly underrated. As a user, I use voice recordings much more than typing. It is quicker than calling or typing especially when you want to send a message and not just communicate instantly to and fro. We have consciously put the mic on users name list itself, so without having to open the chat screen of the user of choice from the list of users, one could send a voice message. It saves the user a step.

  3. Chat screen - At 2:50 minutes , the users enter the chat screen on their respective mobiles. This where we will demonstrate the lead feature of our app. KP wrote to KP2 on the note making screen and the message is felt on their chat screens as well. KP2 on the right side screen then mentions to KP that he got KP’s message. KP then decides to send a message to KP2 which also happens to be a task that KP needs to accomplish so he marks it as a todo. The colourless dot turns Pink. What is visible to KP as a pink dot is visible to KP2 as blue. Notice how when the todo is assigned by KP to KP2 it turns his messages blank dot to blue. How did KP assign the message “Now I shall assign one to you” as a task to KP2? Watch 3:48 to 3:52 - By long pressing on its blank dot, and then clicking on the collaborator’s icon on the circle that opened up with 4 icons. For KP2 that dot is Pink this time. This implies that a todo of one’s own self is pink and of the person being chatted with is blue. For a startup of 2 people team, which is how things normally start, this clearly indicates that just a scroll on the chat screen will be enough for both users to know what in the whole chat is tasks and which task belongs to who. This will be true for any two people chatting on Chattodo. Now notice that KP marks a task done, merely by touching the pink dot. This implies, that a task can be marked done on the chat itself if it was first converted from a mere message to a a task.

  4. List of a user’s collaborator

  5. Productivity Screen - 4.40 minutes onwards we enter the productivity screen. On this screen the respective users will see todos assigned to them, under a single user icon. Under the icon for 2 users, one could see tasks he/she has assigned to others during chats or note making.

  6. Hashtags, collections and social network - This is the second lead feature of our chat app. From 1:24 minutes onwards till 1:51 you will notice KP adding three hashtags. All of these become collections. In these collections all matters of communication, bookmarks and tasks that were hashtags are stored. If these hashtags are followed, they will trigger feeds to those users who follow the hashtags of other users. This is the first clue towards our app becoming a social network. Why are we calling it a social network of action? Because these feeds are exchanged on an app designed for productivity/action upon communication or actionable communication or communication for the purpose of actioning, all while typing notes, exchanging chats and hash tagging them suitably.

  7. At the end at 5:19 is the circle with 4 icons shown to you. You saw it as explained in the point 3 above for the frame 3:48 - 3:52. This is shown again to you because this is what makes our app a full fledged productivity tool straight within a chat screen which is as simple as a whatsapp chat screen.

Part 2

Demo Video for collections tags, following collections and feeds, that result in morphing this chat app into a social network of action we call Chattodo.
0.00.00 - 0.00.50 : The users KP and KP2 previously assigned some tasks through the chat messages to each other and now want to create their personal tags. Each user wants to follow the tags of the other user to get the tag followed in their own collections. So they proceed to the note screen to make these tags. (Although, in our finished product these tags can be applied on to even chat sentences to collect those sentences/or shared links into various collections corresponding to these tags just aswell as they can be created in the note screen as shown in the demo)

0.00.52 - 0.01.15 : KP creates 2 tags i.e #chat and #happyday and KP2 creates tags #chat and #newday with the #chat being a common tag which is part of each of the user’s collections respectively.

0.01.16 - 0.01.30 : The created tags with the associated messages of that tag show in the users collection with those associated messages in the respective tag when that tag is clicked open.

0.01.32 - 0.01.57 : The users click on the profile picture of the other user to see the tags which the other user has created locally in their personal collection. Then the users follow the tags (shown by the tag becoming blue in the demo) by clicking the tag name, and find tags created by others in their personal collections with the messages of the tags in it. The relevance of clicking the profile picture to open these tags is our take on how we can give insights into the personality of the user just by revealing what this user is collecting. A collection of topics that a user is interested in is a good way to reveal not only what he is collecting to learn from it, but also his personality.

0.01.58 - 0.02.06 : The tags followed by the user show up in the feed section below the profile picture on the chat screen with the message and the tag name. This is really what we mean by a social network of action. Such are feeds of two people in an environment of action in Chattodo. This interface of feeds showing up on the chat screen shared between two unique users for collections they follow of each other is our take on how feeds should surface between people who collaborate with each other to do things, rather than people who just chat to talk, in which case they won’t mind mindlessly scrolling through everyone’s feed like in case of Facebook.

0.02.07 - 0.02.28 : If one of the users unfollows the tag of the other user then it gets removed from the personal feed as well as the personal collections of the user who previously followed such a tag/collection.

0.02.35 - 0.02.49 : When one of the user follows a tag which has a common tag name in both user collection then we see the feed gets updated to the new followed tag if the feed was created out of a post by the user whose tag was followed, obviously.

0.02:50 - 0.03:32 : When the user whose tag has been followed adds a new message to the tag in his local collection then this gets reflected in the feed of the user who follows the tag.

0.03.35 - 0.03.51 : Also a separate tag is created in the collection of the user who followed the tag even though it has the same tag name as the tag created locally. The tag created locally has messages of the user, while the tag followed has messages from the tag of the followed user.

Some other features we have not covered in our prototype demo are as following:
A user profile

This is how a personality of a user can be glimpsed on Chattodo.

Job Opening
If you click on his company, the below kind of a screen will open. One will be able to view the description of the user’s company, and the people who work there; and most importantly, the job openings.

When you click on a job opening, say, a product manager’s job opening, the image below is the kind of screen that opens

You apply, and wherever you get a response you get it a notification on the ‘jobs’ button on the second last image.

Ignite communications in every direction: top-down, bottom-up, peer-to-peer. Our people map technology maps relationships among your team members to help facilitate seamless and effective communication, no matter what. It understands people – their jobs, their skills, their needs – and uses that intelligence to deliver the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Initiating our part time search for investment, through this tweet.

Read the whole thread of this tweet made of a tweet by Anand hi, followed by my tweet and then Neha’s tweet

This tweeted image will make more sense to you if you have read Nishchal's blogs.

Open to investment

We have Chattodo prototype on Google play store. Start using it now!

So far, we are doing a mighty good job at keeping ourselves bootstrapped but if investment meant having a brilliant human becoming our guiding force, we may accept some of your money and a lot of your advice.

Revenue model? We will tell you in person . We don't need to worry about revenue for what I am proposing needs to be attempted by India, anyway, for India doesn't have data and is really lagging behind in AI.

You must be someone who understands what goes into running a hippie company like ours. You must have had built something that inspires our awe.

Invest upto $1,000,000 at a valuation around $10 Million into Preseed. So far, we are doing a mighty good job at keeping ourselves bootstrapped, but, if monetary investment meant having a brilliant human becoming our guiding force as we channel this money into our business. We may hence accept upto a $1,000,000 investment from you by offering you and your man upto a total of a 10% stake in Preseed by/before 2021 end.

"We champion the premise that truly great ideas require long-term thinking and time, despite the seeming evidence to the contrary all around us (thus the name of the firm)" - Read this article by Slow Ventures

India is begining to wake up, perhaps.

Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya, recently expressed to an audience at Stanford University his regret and guilt for having contributed to creating the social network, saying it was “ripping society apart”, and even recommending that people stop using it. Palihapitiya’s comments last month were made a day after Facebook’s founding president, Sean Parker, criticized the way that the company “exploit[s] a vulnerability in human psychology” by creating a “social-validation feedback loop” during an interview at an Axios event.

All Nishchal had been saying since 2012, about the newer problems with social networks for humanity at large.

Has been said by others too, over time:

This documentary is enough to tell you why building Chattodo is important to me.

Get a sense of the problem with advertising. Would you like it if a human was doing this? Don't think the implications of AI is any different:

This video captures the length and breadth of debates I have within myself while thinking about the direction of development at Chattodo

They are both right. In Chattodo we will keep a special check on such miscreants.

While casual conversations will happen on Signal, Thank God. Conversations among productive people must happen on chattodo.

Its for all of these reasons that Nishchal decided to bring his career in creating a social network from India.

Intro: Sales pitch? Not really. The narrative of the most altruistic story to cause the change you want, beyond 2020

The greatest stories ever told, spill outside the demands of a crisp, short slide deck or a website. Ours, I am convinced, is one such story; and YOU, its rightful audience, clearly, for you were intentionally brought here.

I do not bring to YOU just a business, product or sales pitch through this website. I offer YOU a curiosity of great value, a prototype and a team worthy of YOU, your time and resources.

Imagine a system that transforms secondary education globally for all children of ideas and action in just 5 years. This is the coherent story of a disruptive vision which aims to do that in ways never imagined before, expressed in 4 steps below. Our users won’t know the below-mentioned dream as you may know it. This is just for you. They will know the simple status quo of it as it comes.

For now, our users will only know it as a simple productivity app. No more.

Perhaps slightly more --they will know it as a communication app too, for they will only know us only as much as Chattodo webpage content states, i.e. an app the whole world may need for their teams to communicate with, to note on, and to accomplish tasks on.

Responsive image

Chattodo is a product that has allowed me to be productive while living among the trees already. Leaving me assured that my words on Chattodo reached my team’s todo lists, seamlessly.

After 2 years they may see the first signs of how this is the start that will also disrupt the education system. Then that kind of new education will be a part of life forever, seamlessly.

The 5th step mentioned below will start thereafter.

The 4 pillars of any business endeavor that we like to advise and connect towards, are:


Brand positioning of Chatodo user’s ideas, further ideation, UI drawings on the fly, Need - Value - Gap analysis, thought experimentations with their collaborators. Even pivots for better market fit if need be through direct communication with early adopters.


For customers - Chattodo user’s ability to deliver their own products and services efficiently with sustenance and scale to their own customers.
For investors - Chattodo user’s communication of their next round investment readiness more interactive then a slide deck.


Far greater productivity - During the last 10 years we have known about nearly all the tools that can increase productivity of a startup, a productive freelancer or an employee. We are making sure we do it better than those tools, merely out of chats.


Influence thought and hence, internal as well external ecosystem of our users through intangible contributions of our steps ahead. As a result an innovative culture will be infused across our user’s startups. The startup culture of India then becomes the magnet for real innovation.


“Your ideas are in a very very hard market to crack. What inspires you and what stage of validation are these ideas at?

Looking backward, to origin, from my times of Todoed to Chattodo” - Nishchal:

This is what was going on -

The origin of my thought for building Preseed was the mission — To empower those with a will to do something extraordinary. Further inquiring into this mission, I realised it meant having more enterprising human resource for the world. Creating better human resources implied identifying and fixing the core problem, which was the regressive education system globally. So, on this mission we have vowed to build products that help entrepreneurs. It is this collective mission and our team’s togetherness that keeps us inspired.

Initially, I couldn’t imagine wholly how a product could solve this problem. But since the goal of starting Preseed was to solve this problem with a product, I called into my spine, the solution.

2012— In order to solve this problem of the education system, step I for me was— a Culture of Collaboration upon ideas at least in my space of being, Delhi- NCR, India. I opened myself and my ideas to the youth around through my Facebook page, Preseed.

2013— Got invited to deliver talks among the top graduate colleges around me about entrepreneurship and matters of entrepreneurship. Through these talks I had built an environment that was to aid me in conceiving the above mentioned products. Check out this massive effort through the gallery section of nishchal.preseed.in.

2014— Initiated Preseed as a company in 2014 — It started with its incorporation as Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Around this time, I wrote much around the philosophy of our culture — for humans of ideas around this time, a lot of which you see on our websites and blogs today.

2015— Wireframes — I designed this solution’s wireframes for mobile phones, for it to reach a larger bandwidth on 100s of A4 sheets. We call that product, Chattodo. It's ready for Android.

The step 0 got completed right here.

2017— I was convinced that my products will make communication on ideas more actionable first, and will have the potential to disrupt the secondary education system right from there. Prototypes was built for both the products with which I will challenge the status quo of education.

So fundamentally, like I said, making text more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration for students of the future, as much as it is the way forward for any professional already being productive, for, there is no expiry date for getting educated. It is a continuous process.

For making text more actionable, we had built in 2014 immediately after incorporating Preseed, this product:

Turn any selected text, into a delegated todo, with just one right click.

Most of the internet age working world works on google chrome browser. We set out to build a collaborative productivity chrome extension(for now - 2014) for increasing productivity of a google chrome browser user, just about enough to integrate it with our main product Chattodo, when Chattodo is ready.

Among other things, Todoed on Chrome ‘clips chats, as delegated todos’ and makes them more productive and accountable for you and your team, seamlessly. It doubles up as a bookmarking tool too. Use Todoed to delegate todos/tasks instantly from chats to yourself or your team, without needing to switch tabs to do so.

When you have a thought or a task or a web discovery, you should be able to instantly not only share it as an instant message or an email or whatever has been your previous method of sharing it, you should also be able to delegate it at the same instance of sharing it, from where ever you are on your Chrome browser. Seamlessly. Invisibly. Simply.

Seamlessly? Yes! You don't have to switch screens or apps, meaning, you don't even have to open Todoed extension from top corner of your browser to use it to delegate a task to yourself or your coworkers. Delegate from wherever you are on your browser.

Invisibly? Yes! Todoed is the only tool with design and purpose of being an invisible underlying layer in your daily productivity. Use it to know how it really doesn't come in the way of your work flow, whatever it was or will be, before or after Todoed. It is not trying to compete with other productivity tools out there. It is simply becoming an invisible layer before them all. Other productivity tools want you to open their apps to help you be productive. Todoed doesn't. Todoed wants to help you without inducing you to open the main Todoed app. However, if you open Todoed, it will help you even more.

Simply? Doesn't it seem like the simplest productivity solution in the world? ​ It is. ​

The same ethos have been carried forward in the design and purpose of Chattodo.

I think, I find, I delegate, is Todoed. I think, I chat, I delegate, and it becomes Chattodo.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Responsive image Responsive image Responsive image Responsive image Responsive image

chattodo.preseed.in/vision will reveal to you Nishchal's product which is a software take on the culture that Preseed is through this space, Preseed Ecell.

The first Instagram post above expresses Nishchal 's talk about PRESEED at Indian School of Business to 150+ people in 2014. Here, among many things, Nishchal decided to address the problem of intoxication in colleges in his inclusive maverick style. chattodo/vision: The first Instagram post above expresses Nishchal 's talk about PRESEED at Indian School of Business to 150+ people in 2014. Here, among many things, Nishchal decided to address the problem of intoxication in colleges in his inclusive maverick style. READ THE OTHER TWO POSTS TOO.

Here is an excerpt from that awe inspiring talk

Nishchal said, " 7 years ago while I was in college, I just wanted to live a simple life, be in love, party all night, drink, dance, smoke pot, play sports, tavel oceans & mountains, roll in green meadows, make love, my own furniture, watch the stars and satellites. Just like any of you. My alter ego even then, however, at all times, wanted to just build a great company 24*7 that takes human culture, to freedom. In my attempt to gratify my own senses, I may leave nothing for our children to cherish, but their own intoxication & depression; unless I use my knowledge to see, in everyone, especially those who suffer, my own children. For, I cannot unsee, what I have seen. I believe that in a contemporary society product leadership may be enough. A mic and/or protests are not necessary. क्योंकि मैं यह मानता हूं कि आधुनिक जमाने के/की लीडर प्रोडक्ट्स से समाज में बदलाव ला सकते हैं। मैंने अपने 7 साल उसी प्रकार की लीडर शिप के माध्यम से एजुकेशन सिस्टम में चल रहे अन्याय को बदलने में लगा दिये है। आज उसका रिजल्ट यह है कि आप मेरी बनाई हुई चैटिंग एप और उसके संबंध मे लिखे हुये निबंध को देख पाएंगे कि कैसे वार्तालाप और कर्मों के बीच भी ज्ञान दिया जा सकता है। एजुकेशन सिस्टम का अन्याय यह है कि उसने हर बच्चे को किताब के साथ चार दिवारी में बंद कर दिया है। अब ना बच्चों के पास खुला वातावरण है और न ही फुर्सत, न ही गुरु है जिनसे प्रेरणा मिले| बच्चे अपनी आत्मा की कुर्बानी देकर ऐसे विद्यालय में दसियों साल समझौता कर रहे हैं मैं इस देश में यह सब बदलना चाहता हूं| यह बदलने के लिए मुझे लोकतंत्र के नेताओं और वोटों की शक्ति नहीं चाहिए, सिर्फ सॉफ्टवेयर इंजीनियर, डिज़ाइनर और मैनेजर चाहिए।

He further said, “Preseed is made up of my desire to inspire:

  • |ideas| - Very early on in my life, I had decided to work on the most important problem in the world. To me the most important problem was, lack of conscientious innovative leaders. The reason was, the perils of the current antagonistic, competitive and ruthless education system. So, Preseed is my endeavor to eventually disrupt the entire education system, by putting two new pillars in education- Education upon curiosity and education upon collaboration, out of a mere chat app.
  • |faith| in the ancient bhartiya yog of 'chitta vritti nirodh' followed by the humiltiy of quantam science as a complete alternative to hasty and often unnecessary narratives of religion, and
  • |action| towards the good of others. Among all of you.

Through a particular feature as described in step 3 below, we are building a web platform of ideas, like Angellist is a web platform of startups; on top of our communication app Chattodo, described in the steps 1 & 2, above.

I want to product-ify for our users, the lone dreamers, all the lessons I have learned along the way, about what questions to ask, what connections to make, and what tasks to do, to facilitate their journey to becoming a prototype that fits an altruistic market need.

Yog is the prerequisite to real altruism in the mind. Our app, be the prerequisite for real altruism in action, is what my hope is. While making money, perhaps after 10 years from now.

The potential monetary stars I am aiming for by 2025, just out of one tech product, Chattodo, are :

Step - 1. To make all other todo listing, and note making apps redundant. (That will be a $1+ billion disruption)

Step - 2. To then create a social network of action. ($100+ billion disruption of current social network of talks).

Step - 3 and onwards:

  • To then, create a culture of education upon communication and collaboration upon ones own ideas, using a field of artificial intelligence in the near future, NLP. ( $500 billion opportunity to create a new education landscape). Here education will happen just by chance.
  • To then give preventive healthcare by measuring 5 elements in your body — earth, air, water, fire and ether.
  • To Finally give you freedom from archaic education and healthcare systems.”

Would you like to reimagine with me a future that saves the children of ideas and action, from the archaic ways of education?

Ignore the first 8 mins of this video.

Responsive image

While the sheep be watching, we be building the new.   (Steps 3-7)

I have been chasing a dream to create an alternative education system. To be that, I have to be the greatest todo listing tool first, by 2023.

Let this be the first and the last time I speak about the word ‘education’ in context to Chattodo. Let it all happen organically when it happens. It is that goal that pulled me in this direction of giving the world a new social network with all I got. That is all I want to say for the realm of education for now. The below is a greater one time dive into that.

Unique benefits and larger vision

Read the description of the video on youtube.

The larger vision as demonstrated in the next 2 videos is for 2025.

Do read the description of the video too to know the disruption I want to cause in the education system in Chattodo phase 2. Note -: The difference between phase 1 and phase 2 is that in phase 1 we are aiming to be the best communication tool for teams that work from remote locations. By the time we reach phase 2 we see the trend of students working as teams chasing an idea for a startup will be on the rise, and that is when we should be ready to give students educational qualification by our AI on the basis of the tasks these students are accomplishing. This is a matter of 5 more years of digital consumer centric innovation in education even for the pioneer. We have a strong chance to be those pioneers.

I foresaw the future of education upon collaboration was truly the most organic path forward, in this direction. Even Ray Kurzweil says that.

First Challenge, Solution & Problems addressed

Tasks - Chat apps are designed to talk. But for all productive people, talk includes tasks. The forced break of opening a separate to-do listing tool to capture and delegate these tasks means that many of these tasks will remain buried in chats. For a world seemingly geared towards efficiency, this is wasteful. Criminally so.

Feeds - Productive people don’t need to satisfy themselves with entertainment centric and often out of context feeds on Facebook or Twitter. We have a case for fitting feeds inside chat to needs/requirements when the users are collaborators following each other’s collections/topics.

Hiring - As collaboration improves; productivity and organisations grow, there is need for more hiring. While collaboration happens during chats, hiring doesn’t. Why not? Can hiring not be induced within the scope of chatting apps for productive people? Does it really require other products to handle hiring? A single click on the chatting collaborator’s name must offer an insight into his profile via a better understanding of his consolidated online identities, his bookmarks, interests, feeds etc.; current workplace, his team and its requirements. The former must open the opportunity of identifying the collaborator as the right match for one’s own team. The latter must open the possibility of identifying openings at the collaborator’s workplace for oneself. Thus, users must get discovered and hired within chat apps.

Education - Add NLP to it, and watch the archaic education system crumble down for humans of ideas.

Chattodo competition while mentioning hiring, personality and monetisation features

Behold, here is my expression about our competition.
Including mentions of some other key features :
- A simple user profile by making it simpler and more relevant than About.me
- A hiring feature that aimes to democratize the Human Resource culture of the world such that a company may one day do, without a HR manager.

Do read the description of the video to know more about the words tasks, personality, feeds, hiring, and education mentioned in the above slide image.

Team build — The way the team is represented by/in a company should get democratized now

While building Preseed I encountered a problem of listing in and listing out of my team members. More so, as we are an organisation that runs a very liberal culture of hiring and firing. Here people come at will and leave at will and we don’t batt an eyelid. We sort of really enjoy going with the flow of both entry and exit. To make this transition of an employee entry into my company and exit from my company smooth and botheration free, I want to give the control of all an employees representation to the employee himself.

In essence what I am saying is that the team admin only need to approve to add an employee into the team, where the employee himself writes his own job description, adds his own social icons, uploads his id docs, gets access to all related HR documents, understand his roles, performance indicators, compensations, rewards, get connected to the team and start getting introduced to whoever he needs to work with within the team. This will be a place for all employee matters of a company. This feature is a big feature of our product.

So this will extend in the future to be a dashboard for the HR department(which with the help of this tool will only become thinner) and the employees of a company, for large companies.

But for now, we will just do it’s MVP and look to build some traction for it, as indicated on it’s current web page.

Social Feeds and personality in greater detail for this is what will translate our chat app into a social network of action:

The image of our first wireframe screen. The text line with #betatest is a feed. When a user X opens the chat screen to chat with the user Y just above the text box is the feed of user Y and vice versa. Left swiping on the feed permits its greater exploration while clicking on it enables to see it in greater details. At the end of these feeds, is a button called ‘more’. This has additional information that AI picks from the web, on most common key words that users are talking about from all over the web, just in case they wanted to explore those topics more. E.g. if these two users are talking about customer metrics software, then they will be able to explore s software like intercom, google analytics, intercom, branch.io pushed automatically to them by our algo, which will improve over time.


Notice the (i) — Project: Web Id This time let your web id be a pin code.

I hate the way people have to exchange their contact co ordinates day to day with different people.

If I exchange a number, an email or a twitter handle with a person, or a unique Pin Code he should get an access to all my public identity systems; but that doesn’t happen yet. Instead there are longer and uglier ways of finding people on our phone contact books and even more complicated ways of finding them on social web. Worst is that if I have to save someone’s number or twitter handle or email, I have to add their name first and then type out their related URL. Then one day I may need their facebook, quora or soundcloud id, then, I will have to reach them again to get it. Worse, even though at my end I have recorded their details, meaning I have put in that effort into recording details on my contact app for this person, yet this person will have to repeat the process of writing my name in his contact book, my phone number, my email etc. IT IS ALL TOO AGE OLD. Add to contactcards through a pin, number, email or twitter, or any other product listed there.

-Cards with carousal exerience.
-The experience of the whole product is this card. There is nothing more than 1 card that will meet the eye of the user at any given time.
We mean it, it is the simplest and more scalable solution to what bump and evernote hello attempted to do.
-Embedded into the default contact apps of ones phones.


To one day have this product be a ‘protocol’ for identity of millions of people on this new age social web.

We will together hustle enough to make this a reality.

A passing thought

The way I envision this product it could be a great chat app of sorts too. Anyway let this not distract the key and only purpose of this product i.e. to be a contact app for the new age, the mobile web age.


Our wireframe images are being skimmed in this video. At 0:05 you will see the hiring screen for startups on Chattodo. To save the world from too much talks, to then disrupt the education and hence, employment system too. Our vision for hiring and payments to collaborators is a thing we have kept confidential for the person who most keenly studies us. Our monetisation will also come from right there.

Slack is too many clicks. Slack is to productivity chatting, what MySpace was to social networking. Not the absolute solution. Clearly, I am suggesting we will be to productivity chatting, what Facebook is to social networking . Remember, the reason that killed all the competition for Mark Zuckerberg in social networking was Mark himself. Our app is built more like whatsapp, than Slack.

Question: What differentiates our product in the market? What is our competitive advantage? Or will be moving forward?

Answer: The clear strength of this product is in it’s simplicity and novelty, hard to find now a days, in productivity tools. Most of them are rip offs of each other just designed differently. We are fundamentally different and that makes it very worthy of attention for acquisition from extra ordinary companies. Most of the competitive todo listing apps work on input basis, as in you have to physically type the todo up then submit it to save a task. It breaks the flow of communication. In our case, the flow of discussion is not broken and yet one is able to record that task at that very instance.

Read the description of the video too.

Chat apps including Slack, assumes that communication between 2 participants or more can keep moving forward as is, unless ofcourse the user wants to drown himself or herself in the sea of features and integrations on Slack; and for those words that look like clear tasks, the participants will either remember those, or participants will make notes of those where ever they want, by retyping those. Worse still, they assume, it is okay to make them scroll up to find what all is their task. Is that the result of the empathy they have for teams communicating? Unless and until the experience is not exactly like how I am suggesting through the image below, Slack is not aiding its simplest users best. What about Whatsapp? Let's not even start there.

Slack is the right latter stage investor for Todoed.
I once even thought of writing to Mr. Butterfield,

I am building a product that can eat into your market share over the course of the next 5 years. I assure you. To what portion? The same portion as of the market share proportionate to that portion of overall communication on Slack, which is one on one communication. However, the good news is, we are making this product hoping that you will keep a big piece of it. (We think if we ever were to be acquired, the acquirer would be you, Slack would acquire us. Unless we beat you at what you are doing. Although that is not the aim, if anything, the aim is to aid you :).

I don’t know what is the size of it. I just know I am one such user from that exact market portion, that portion, in which chat exchange is attributed to one on one communication. I communicate a lot like that. I assume there must be a lot of users of Slack communicating like that. You must know the numbers. Since, you are Slack. The product used by everyone from my target market. However, my target market is not only limited to the users of Slack. Because users of Slack are the mature productive audience. My product will help onboard them, when they are not so mature.

That is exactly why I write to you. I have a crisp vision. I will take 3 years to execute it without you. I will take less than 1 year to execute it with you as the sole investor(because I don’t want anyone other than you). I have laid a part of that vision already. I can demo it to you. It’s right here — www.chattodo.co

Chattodo is to Slack, what Twitter is to Facebook. Fundamentally different. Touch a message, and that message could be moved to a todo list for which currently other apps are integrated with Slack, whether with Zapier, or directly.

Btw, here is why this chat product that I am proposing is necessary -

1. Slack is a winner. Period. It is a winner of the world of group communication for productive people. Very meaningful for companies. Currently even startups of 3 humans are using Slack. For lack of better options of products that just facilitate their communication among these 3. No need for having so many buttons and options when there are just 3 people to talk to. To such men and women, our product will be more meaningful, not only because it does this least very crisply, it also makes your conversations more actionable, because it does the least, it has room for doing something new to the chat experience of those who in swift moments of thoughts want to communicate one on one, while being actionable and accountable. Our chat app, can induce these 3 to be more accountable for tasks that were discussed in such chats.

2. Slack assumes that we, productive people with a team, just want to communicate with, each other, in groups — There are 3 problems here A). Each other — No, we communicate with our self too. Our product, is a todo listing / note making tool. This is how a conversation with self happens. B). In groups — No, sometimes all we want is to communicate with one person out of the 10 I communicate with for work. I don’t need no group/channel chat interfacing in such moments. C). Before I communicate with others, there are times when I communicate with my self — and then I, address that thought which I just typed on the text edit box of Todoed to the person I want to communicate to. Pay attention to this point please. It is deep. To do this currently I have to open the chat box for that person, and then re produce that thought, to type to his chat box. With the Chat product I am proposing there is tremendous empathy for this effort of opening the chat box for such a thought. In our chat app, you put your thought first, and address it right there to the concerned person. You don’t address the person first before putting in the thought. If you have to open the chat screen of that person or any chat screen, then you are adressing the person first, even before actually baking the thought you have. No opening of his chat box hence, just one text edit box is enough. So these fellows can further such delegated tasks as a chats as well, in the chat screen, and this message that you sent, will show up as a todo item right there too as well as in his chat window with you. And wonderfully, exactly in the same space where you sent a message to your co worker, which btw, magically shows up in his todo list, you could send a message to yourself, your thought, to yourself, which also magically shows up in your todo list.

Did I say todo list?

Above, I indicated, that since this chat app will do the least, (imagine facebook for 10 people kind of chatting, just stripped down of casual features and emoticons), hence, it has room for doing more. Something fundamentally new, not only helping in facilitating communication but also with one tap, absolutely one tap, make that communication, actionable. This is why this chat app, designed for instant one on one styled conversations* only, will make people more productive, then any other chat product in the world. Because it has a way of making your chats more productive even more seamlessly than you could do it with Slack integrated with Wunderlist.

Chattodo is what will make this possible -

Chattodo chatting will move that chat message to a todo list, with just one single tap — on that chat message.

This act of making things typed, reach a todo list, that seamlessly, is exactly why we are making this chat app.

Lets see how it goes.

However, if Slack is not interested in Todoed, then our next company to go to will be Yammer. Todoed can be a tool that can revive Yammer or Upwork.

Not only that, Chattodo is a product that can kill Evernote, for being a much better tool for note-making. To say the least. It will go all the way to being more useful for one on one productivity communication/chat. The space google to Facebook, all are eyeing to nail.

I do see the possibility for Chattodo to emerge as an eventual winner in the productivity market inclusive of notes, todo listing, and chats. I am convinced we may have a better vision than the biggies, we may not have the technology for the AI part, just yet. They will be better at that. But only till we get to that. We are not willing to underestimate ourselves.


We are making Chattodo for productive humans, regardless of what tools they are using, and then trickling Chatodo down to the new breed of autodidacts among them, then the whole world of students.

However, lets remain open to the advantages of creating a chatapp which is free to the user, like Whatsapp. The marketing strategy we are using is a pyramid strategy. Yatha raja tatha praja. Let our app first be in the hands of the tech leaders. It will automatically trickle down from there.

Also, we will help make this transition happen too:

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WhatsApp suffering ‘Facebook moment’. After capture by uncle-aunties, time for trendier apps

From loud and proud ‘Good Morning’ messages that clogged the web to endless memes, WhatApp’s ‘free’ service was a game-changer for Indians.

Read why Signal was created and why we also want direct public to back us.

Chattodo is made up of:


Idea List

A network of hackers, designers, hustlers, and early adopters; all who aim to build MVPs.

Check out MyIdeaList | Open it's note

ToDo List

The world's easiest way to add instantly to your or your coworkers' to-do lists.

If you are a small team/ startup working in a casual setting of emails and chats. This product will increase your productivity.

Open it's web page | Open it's note

Web ID

A product simpler than About.me

When two people exchange personal contact information, more should happen at that instance on your mobile phones and its web interface, with lesser taps, touches and clicks, automatically and simply.

That thought in our minds have triggered a whole gamut of research and solution design for this idea.

We are looking for 1 person with prior experience of having built mobile apps and is keen on assisting us on whatever we need him to assist us on. For now all we can offer this person is a chance to be a part of the team that is building this app

The simplest, yet the most detailed contact information of people in your mobile.

If I exchange a number, an email or a twitter handle with a person, he should get an access to all my public identity systems; but that doesn't happen yet. Instead there are longer and uglier ways of finding people on our phone contact books and even more complicated ways of finding them on social web
Add to contact cards through a pin, number, email or twitter, or any other product listed there.
-Cards with carousal exerience.
-Cards that can be flipped to follow latest feeds of this individual on the backside of the card.
-The experience of the whole product is this card. There is nothing more than 1 card that will meet the eye of the user at any given time.
We mean it, it is the simplest and more scalable solution to what bump and evernote hello attempted to do.

What is indicated above is the phase 1 of this product. The next phase, i.e. phase 2, if done well may put us alongside the likes of whatsapp one day.

There is enough relevance in this product to steer it towards a chat app of sorts for there will be context to chat right on the backside of the individual's card
To one day have this product be a 'protocol' for identity of millions of people on this
new age social web.

We will together hustle enough to make this a reality.

glance-able identity

And exchange in a single flick

Startup Slides

Global e-commerce of products that are designed well both aesthetically and functionally.
What's your opinion on This or this here or Even this. Like them? How about buy them? Delivered to your doorstep. This is just the start.

We need a supremely talented hacker and a supremely talented designer to help us build this prototype.

Manage HR

It aims to democratizing the Human Resource culture of the world such that a company may one day do, without a HR manager.
Step 1 : A tool to list team on website like olark contact us widget, that allows anyone with a website to list their teams. It could in future evolve into a HR product for companies.



Coming soon

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